Some #Motivation in the form of cute animal gifs. These also made me smile


“I bet we could buy a nice doghouse for fifty dollars.”

“Marge, you’re a tool of the doghouse makers.”

“I am not!”

“Yes, you are. You’ve been brainwashed by all those doghouse commercials on TV.”


“Hey, these aren’t waffles. These are just square pancakes.”

“I’m sorry, honey, the waffle iron’s in the shop.”

“The waffle iron’s been in the shop forever.”


My series about the movies of the 80’s continues with Daniel-san and Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid (1984). Stay tuned, more to come very soon! / Simpsonized by ADN


After spending a year on Simpsonized Tumblr, I Had to go further. That is why I just started a new project… FUTURAMIZED!


a good shirt that a friend brought back from nepal

(via mmmsimpsons)


And I assume you’ve read the boat safety manual.”

“Oh, yeah, couldn’t put it down. Come on, boy, let’s get me a six pack.”

“Ah, sir, you can’t operate a boat under the influence of alcohol.”

“That sounds like a wager to me.”